As many of you know, Arizona is officially back open for business! The AZ foodie scene is on the rise and many residents are anxious to get back out to their favorite restaurants–who can blame them when the food is so darn good? While restaurants are allowed to reopen their dining rooms, many have not yet done so. Instead of letting you wasted your time driving around trying to find an open restaurant, we have complied here a list of some of the restaurants officially open for sit down customers again in the Valley.

Matt’s Big Breakfast

That’s right! Everyone’s favorite AZ breakfast food chain restaurant is back and open for business.

Not only is their food still delicious, but they are also being careful to comply with the CDC’s guidelines, and even are offering their own special touches like wax paper to open the door to keep customers feeling safe as they venture back out into the restaurant world.









If you are still feeling hesitant to leave home but you are starting to go crazy, like many people, Matt’s Big Breakfast is a great environment for your first sit-down experience post-lockdown.

There are locations all over AZ, including downtown Phoenix, Biltmore, and North Scottsdale, all of which are open for dine-in from 7am-2pm each day. The Tempe location remains closed, but be sure to stay on the lookout!

The Churchill

The incredible, collaborative Churchill is back, and better than ever! The Churchill houses ten small, local AZ businesses, and suits the needs of anyone and everyone!


They have instituted rules to keep everyone safe, like asking customers to remain seated when they are not shopping or ordering food, prohibiting outside food and beverages, and suggesting that customers use cards or digital wallets instead of cash.



The grounds are a beautiful escape and will allow you to feel like you have escaped–perfect for anyone missing out on cancelled vacation plans. Foodies, make a day out of trying new foods and restaurants while they are all in one place!

Their hours are 10am-10pm. Take a mini-escape and support tons of local AZ restaurants.

Lacuna Kava Bar

Our final AZ restaurant to highlight is Lacuna Kava Bar. It is at a great location, walkable from downtown and from the light rail. A part of the beautiful Combine on Third, Lacuna Kava Bar is Arizona’s first kava bar, and once you try it, there is no going back!


It is beautiful place to sit and catch up on work or even continue to work from home, while enjoying a relaxing or energizing tea! You will be left feeling refreshed, healthy, and rejuvenated by your adventure out of the  house.

It is open from 2pm-4pm Monday-Friday.


Continue to support local AZ restaurants. Even if you are not ready to head back out for a dine-in experience, the restaurants will come to you via delivery or a safe, low-contact pick up experience.

As the world starts to reopen, remember to stay safe and shop/eat local!

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