Metro Moods: In the Mood for… Little Miss BBQ

The Best BBQ in Arizona, Challenge Us!

Today’s Metro Moods in the mood for an office favorite and national pitstop, Little Miss BBQ .

How it all began: Scott and Bekke Holmes, owners of Little Miss BBQ, found their passion for meat smoking when they visited a well-known bbq restaurant in Austin, Texas, known as Salt Lick.

Competing in the Williams Arizona BBQ Competition

Little Miss BBQ started as a competitive barbecue team. However, their first contest in Williams, Arizona was a disaster.
Unfortunately, Bekke Holmes, founder of Little Miss BBQ,  had serious issues with the altitude, They brought 5,000 things that did not need, the pork butts fell in the coals after the grate of the UDS Smoker fell off the bolts and they did not sleep well the night before.
In the end, they placed in the middle of the pack exhausted but hooked.

The Queen Creek BBQ Competition

Unwavering, they decided to do the next one which was in Queen Creek. Bekke wasn’t able to be there so her friend Alain helped out which was greatly appreciated.
It was a complete disaster with a massive dust storm wreaking havoc on the event. Surprisingly, nothing really went right but they thought my food was incredible, the judges disagreed.

The Tucson BBQ Competition

Little Miss BBQ’s next contest was in Tucson, AZ, a serious party event on Halloween weekend. They had  a great time, they drank too much and stayed up too late. They came in 9th place for their pork and were on Cloud 9. Practicing was finally reaping rewards.
Winning first place for their brisket was one of the greatest moments of the competition.
“Amazingly, the team ended up with 9th place pork, 1st place brisket, 4th overall. They walked away with  $1,300!”
Not surprisingly, the Little Miss BBQ team did not sleep all night. Deciding they were going to win GC, no matter how much practice it took. Bekke kissed her old gymnastic participation trophies goodbye that day and never looked back. That girl loves trophies.

After the Competition and BBQ Inspiration

Bekke’s parents live in Austin, TX and I’m always excited to go back. The barbecue is divine and it’s places like Franklin BBQ, John Mueller Meat Co, la Barbecue, Smitty’s and the Salt Lick that we have drawn inspiration from the past few years.
The barbecue and experience are ridiculous and it’s captured their imagination and focus for the past few years. Much like competition barbecue they became obsessed trying this, that and everything in between to perfect our recipes.
Their original smoker is an R&O Smoker custom made for us by Billy Overton in Granbury, TX. It’s a traditional offset with the main chamber measuring 14′ x 3′ and it’s amazing how well it cooks.Their newest smoker is made from a 1000 gallon propane tank. The firebox has about 3.5″ of ceramic and mineral wool insulation. It’s a beast.

The Little Miss BBQ Team is Never Satisfied

Although the Little Miss BBQ Team are happy with where our barbecue is currently, their quest is still continuing to put out a better product whether it’s a new meat producer, a new addition or deletion to the rubs and sauce, or a new technique on the smoker. Barbecue is simple but there sure are a lot of things to consider.

This is What Little Miss BBQ Has to Say

One of the many platters served“Little Miss BBQ is built around providing our idea of amazing central Texas-style barbecue and to be the best part of your day.

Using labor-intensive techniques using Arizona white oak, pecan, pistachio, and mesquite firewood in smokers that we designed creates amazing barbecue. We use prime beef sourced from a single rancher who we believe creates the best-tasting beef in the US.

Next, we then use our technique, simple seasoning, and clean-burning smokers to try and highlight the amazing beef, pork, and turkey to highlight the quality without it getting lost in the sauce and crazy flavors.

The barbecue is served meat market style which is deli-style where you can order as much or as little as you like or for simplicity, we offer plates and sandwiches.

Our line and service move a little slower this way but we believe you deserve to see the meat being sliced in front of you by people that want you to get the very best. We love doing what we do and it’s a crazy passion that we have to put out our best. We hope you love it as much as we do!”

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