Now that everyone is spending so much more time at home, extra space is KEY.

Whether attempting to make a new home gym or office or just give yourself a more beautiful and comfortable living space, maximizing the space you have will make a world of difference.

Why wait for spring cleaning when you can start the year off feeling fresh and organized!

Try out these hacks to organize and optimize each room in your home.

1. Declutter the Whole House

Decluttering is both the most important step and the most tedious.

Turn on some Marie Kondo and settle in for the weekend! We all put this step off for months and months…get it done right away.

The key to this step is task completion.

Less procrastination, more organization!

2. Get the Leftover Clutter off the Floor

Of course, you cannot get rid of everything during the decluttering stage.

The day-to-day essentials are often the things that get most in the way.

Instead of stepping around that huge pile of shoes or throwing the blankets in a heap, get a shoe rack and some cute decorative baskets.

Whatever works for best for your space will work, as long as you are keep the clutter off the floor.

Having a place for everything will make a work of difference in optimizing and saving space.


3. Combine Function and Style

Organized does not have to mean bland!

Combine function and style and make your furniture both beautiful and useful!

Use a shelving unit that can hold decorations and storage in the same space or find a

stylish couch that has built in storage.

Again, there is no right way to do this. Any style that you love and works for the space you need is perfect!

4. Get Organized with Bulk Storage

We all have those coats, shoes, and spare items that we need but have no where to put.

Trash those bulky plastic bins and switch them out for some beautiful, cloth flat containers.

To fit everything in as few containers as possible, try some vacuum seal bags and really optimize your space!


5. Utilize Empty Corners

Empty corners waste so much wall space.

Start utilizing all that wall and you will see the rest of the room start to open up.

Mount some shelves or a desk that can create a collapsable office space, so you can put the work day away when the evening or weekend comes.

6. Maximize Shelf Space by Moving Bathroom, Kitchen, and Laundry Supplies into Decorative Containers

Get rid of that ugly Q-Tip packaging and laundry detergent box in favor of some matching, sleek containers.

Not only will this optimize space and allow for stacking, but it will make your home look more aesthetically pleasing and organized!

7. Reduce Desk Clutter with Magazine Holders and Wall Shelves

Some of the most stress-inducing clutter is desk clutter.

Get organized with those new hanging corner shelves and move the papers up off the desk.

You can even use magazine holders to have your papers and mail all organized and with a place for everything.

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