Building Millennial Wealth: Preparing to Buy Your First House-Part 1

We are back! We hope that you have been keeping up with the financial habits that we outlined in the first three parts of our Building Millennial Wealth series.
Now that you have started your financial journey, we can start working towards the daunting task of buying a house. The blog posts is all about walking you through the first steps of this exciting process!

Arizona Restaurants Open Post-Crisis

As many of you know, Arizona is officially back open for business! The AZ foodie scene is on the rise and many residents are anxious to get back out to their favorite restaurants–who can blame them when the food is so darn good? While restaurants are allowed to reopen their dining rooms, many have not yet done so. Instead of letting you wasted your time driving around trying to find an open restaurant, we have complied here a list of some of the restaurants officially open for sit down customers again in the Valley.