Rentals in the Central Phoenix Corridor Including Downtown, Midtown, and Uptown Properties

Rentals in the Central Phoenix Corridor

These are the Rentals Currently Available in the Phoenix Corridor.

Most importantly, the Central Avenue Corridor is a significant stretch of north-south Central Avenue, in Phoenix, Arizona. It is bounded by Camelback Road to its north and McDowell Road to its south.

This is one of Phoenix’s most vital and heavily trafficked stretches of roadway. It is also one of the region’s largest centers of employment. Nearly 60,000 people are employed within a three-mile (5 km) radius of this swath of Central Avenue.

Major employers here include major banks and financial institutions. Additionally, there are hi-tech companies, and several significant law firms and government agencies.

Moreover, this corridor bisects a larger area known as Midtown, Phoenix. Midtown is a collection of neighborhoods north of Downtown. It is south of the North-Central and Sunnyslope areas.

Location of the Phoenix Central Corridor and Properties

Located halfway between the major arterial roads 7th Street and 7th Avenue, Central Avenue is the dividing line for Phoenix as well as other Maricopa County cities that do not have their own addressing system.

Hence, Central Avenue crosses every economic stratum in Phoenix, rather abruptly in places. Downtown Phoenix land values are on par with other major cities.

Interestingly, North of Midtown and Uptown Phoenix, there are large old homes in the tony North Central neighborhoods. These neighborhoods hark back to lower North Central Avenue’s past.

In comparison, on the other side of the canal from North Central, at Central Avenue’s dead-end, is the Sunnyslope District. South of downtown, approaching South Mountain, the South Central area contains older properties that are ripe for gentrification.

Central Avenue represents almost every architectural use and style found in Phoenix. Shockingly,  one can find dilapidated and thriving strip centers. Interesting properties abound- small old brick warehouses, industrial and commercial properties. Mixed in with commercial properties are single-family homes and estates. Many of the city’s high-rises all have Central Avenue addresses. Of course, investors are quickly buying these properties and renovating them.

On Central or in the immediate vicinity lie officially recognized and protected historic neighborhoods and a variety of cultural, performance, and sporting venues.

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