To Have a Bath in the Master Bathroom or Not to Have a Bath, That is Really the Question

Is having a large tub in the master bathroom a good idea? I am currently staring at my lovely rental property and getting it ready to either sell it or rent it. Everything is beautiful but the bathrooms, they are dated. I spoke to one of our agents in the office about renovating our bathrooms.

During our discussion, she told me something really surprising. Did you know that some folks who are renovating master bathrooms are choosing to leave out the bathtub, instead opting to have just a really large, walk-in shower?

My children love baths but large showers are popular now. I was surprised that homeowners were actually doing away with the tub altogether when renovating their master bath

The Reality of a Shallow Tub

She said a lot of her friends, especially those who live in older homes where the master baths aren’t that terribly big (like mine) feel a bathtub is a waste of space because they only take showers these days.

No one really has time for soaking in a tub anymore and having a bathtub in the master bathroom might be a waste of space. Additionally, this space could be used for something more important, like vanity/cabinet space or a larger shower. Would it be possible to keep the bathtub if I leave the one near the smaller bedrooms?

Old Trends that Were Not a Good Idea

When I hear that something is “on trend”, it makes me very nervous. It hasn’t been that long that folks covered their beautiful hardwood floors with wall to wall carpet.

My son bought a condo with wall to wall carpet which needed a few repairs. In the middle of the repairs, we had to pull up the carpet and what did we find? -amazingly beautiful thick bamboo planks. This was the trend back in the “mid-century”.

There was a time when all the builders decided that porches were no longer needed with the advent of air conditioning. That trend led to us to never knowing our neighbors.

Is there going to be a new “trend” of folks renovating master bathrooms in a few years in order to add a tub back because soaking in a tub relieves stress and can add years to your life?

As a realtor, I wonder the effect it has on resale when it comes time to rent the house or sell it. I can’t help but think it eliminates some potential buyers who still enjoy a good old-fashioned bath like my oldest child.

Is Having No Door on the Shower a Good Idea?

I’m hoping to expand the size of my shower which is currently a tub/shower combination. I was also thinking about not having a door on the shower, but I’m wondering if one gets cold when showering without a door.

Does it feel drafty without a door or, are shower heads so great these days, you don’t even notice it? I certainly like the idea of no door to keep clean. If I rent the house, comfort and being warm is high on my list of priorities when showering. My tenants need to be warm!

Where I Think I’m Headed

I’m leaning toward keeping a tub in my master bathroom, even if it would add more space for other things. I feel like the new owner or new tenant would miss it. Importantly, I don’t want to do anything that could possibly discourage potential buyers when the day comes to sell.

I would need something simple and fairly sleek, something that doesn’t take up that much space.

What Do You Think of This Latest Trend?

So what do you think about this latest trend of only having a large shower in the master bath and doing away with the tub for the extra space?

If you’re planning a master bath renovation, would you consider it?

Will it make my home harder to sell down the road, or does that not really matter in the making of your decision?

Have you renovated your master bath and eliminated the tub and now regret it? Or, do you love the extra space it created for things you deemed more important, like double sinks or a bigger shower?

Help me decide, what would you do?

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