The List

If you are thinking of moving to Arizona and you are doing your research, here are some 10 fun facts for you.

1. This is the only state that contains one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. 

2. It is the only state that contains all four North American deserts. The world’s largest contiguous ponderosa pine forest stretches across this state.

3. The country’s largest and second-largest manmade lakes are here.

4. This is where you’ll find the southernmost ski resort and the southernmost mile-high city in America.

5. The longest unbroken stretch of Route 66 is here.

6. Billy the Kid killed his first man here and the most famous gunfight in the Old West took place a little further south in a vacant lot behind the O.K. Corral.

7. When NASA was preparing to land on the moon, this is where they trained.

8. All of New England, plus the state of Pennsylvania could fit inside the state’s borders.

9. There are more wilderness areas in Arizona than in the entire Midwest.

10. There is only one place in the country where the U.S. Post Office still delivers mail by mule and it is here.

And… This is where you’ll find the world’s largest solar telescope, the deepest dam, and best-preserved meteor crater.

Arizona is arguably—and I will argue with anyone—the most beautiful state in the union, it is my home.