Right in the midst of the coronavirus induced state lockdown, we know that many families in Arizona and throughout the rest of the country are struggling right now, economically and emotionally. This is an unprecedented time of stress for many, due to the high volume of layoffs. If you have lost your job or your hours due to the coronavirus, you are in the right place. There are many Arizona jobs to be found and we have a list.

Current Jobs Available in Arizona

Arizona@Work is working with employers who are still hiring and need immediate help during this time of uncertainty.

Here is the list of current Arizona jobs to share with anyone who needs it.

This list was updated on April 2, 2020.




It is so important that we all work together and support one another during these times. Together, Arizona will make it through this, supporting employees and employers all throughout the state.

A Voice of Hope: Tony Robbins

Going beyond the economic struggles, we recognize that many are facing emotional and mental stress. Many influencers and celebrities have been posting wise and supportive words, but one article in particular stuck with me addressing the struggles many are facing.

Tony Robbins’ writings have proved to be a source of peace and inspiration during these days of quarantine. He will guide you through this confusion and give you hope for the future. There are happy days ahead.

Stay home, stay safe.